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      All general waste skip bins, have a weight limit 150kg per cubic metre, what does this mean to our customers that are willing to do the right thing, they pay less for their skip bin hire.

      All skip bins have a strict waste restriction on what is acceptable and what waste is not. Incorrect waste, placed in any skip will incur an additional charge. However, the difference with a general waste skip is the price, see with a general waste skip it is according to the weight limit of the skip. This is to make sure when you make the right choice you pay less and only if you should exceed the weight limit are you charged extra.

      Skip Bins Online recommends you take the time to go over the below so that you completely understand what is classified as general rubbish.

      When choosing a general waste skip bin please consider the following:

      The general waste skip bin is used for just that general waste, things that are in your home or office on the day to day basis, such as electrical goods, white goods, cupboards, unwanted personal objects, furniture, toys, minimal books, office furniture, and light dry green foliage such as grass clippings. Everyday items,  those things we all collect that either need replacing or updating that have accumulated over time that just need be sorted, trimmed & cleared out.

      What should not be placed in a general waste skip, are things like bricks, soil, concrete, carpet, rubber, pebbles, tiles, sandstone, renovation waste, heavy landscape waste, tree trunks. All of these items are classified as mixed heavy waste or mixed waste with soil.

      Should you require a skip for heavy materials you will find a skip bin to suit your waste disposal needs with Skip Bins Online but these items are definitely not suited for general waste to skip bin if you wish to stay within your weight limit.

      In summary, the general waste bin, to hire is one of the cheapest waste type bins, if you follow Skip Bins Online strict guidelines for this waste type and never fill the bin above the rim then you should not pay more for your skip. If you do exceed your weight limit the skip bin provider will supply you with a copy of your weigh docket and you will be charged in accordance with the charges noted on the invoice.

      Ignoring these directions though will result in you being required to pay more. Remembering you have entered into an agreement to pay any additional tip fees should any be required direct to the skip bin provider who supplied your skip bin. The extra weight charges can be seen upon your quote and again repeated on your confirmation email, and also again on your invoice, you will be reminded of what can and cannot go in your general waste skip bin. STRICTLY NO HAZARDOUS WASTE.

      From a waste facility perspective this bin when used for general waste only, becomes a bin that is easily sorted and recycled, minimizing landfill waste and resulting in an Environmentally Friendly Option

      Please let us all do the right thing when it comes to waste disposal in Australia for future generations.

      Other Waste Categories Available:

      Mixed Heavy (suitable for combination mixed and general waste)

      Mixed rubble (bricks, sandstone, pebbles, rocks, roof & floor tiles, concrete rubble (no bigger than 600 x 600) No other materials of any sort except what is specified

      Household(no weight limit) this bin is also suited for general waste ONLY. The difference between a general waste and household waste bin is there is no weight limit and the household bin in most instances is a little more expensive, but the same rules apply incorrect waste will incur additional charges

      Clean Waste (suitable for 1 waste material only) concrete or pavers or tiles No Waste Can Be Combined.