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      Mobile Skip Bin

      Mobile skips are the new alternative in skip bin hire. They’re similar to front lift bins you may have seen in industrial areas or loading docks and are on wheels. They’re transported on the back of a trailer and as they’re a road registered vehicle, can be placed on the road without a council permit. Please note you do need to comply with parking restrictions.

      Most mobile skips have a lockable lid for safety and can be placed in garages and parking stations as well as under carports. They require a 2.5-metre width and 2.10-metre height access clearance.


      Mobile Skip Bin Sizes

      Approx. Dimensions:
      1600mm long x 1700mm wide x 1200 mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      1700mm long x 1700mm wide x 1200mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      1900mm long x 1900mm wide x 1200mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      900mm long x 2350mm wide x 2100mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      2400mm long x 2150mm wide x 950mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      3650mm long x 1800mm wide x 900mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      3650mm long x 1800mm wide x 1100mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      3600mm long x 2000mm wide x 1200mm deep

      Approx. Dimensions:
      3800mm long x 2050mm wide x 1280mm deep
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      Why hire from Skip Bins Online?

      Whether you’re hiring a skip for cleaning up during or after a function, after a spring clean or as a shared bin in an apartment complex, Skip Bins Online can supply the right mobile skip for you.  We make finding, ordering and paying for a hire skip easy; simply fill out our online form for an instant quote and then order and pay online.  We’ve got same day service and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’re sure to get exactly what you need for a reasonable price.   If you need some help working out exactly what you need, give us a call, we’re always happy to help!