Mixed Rubble


A Mixed Rubble Waste bin is suitable for domestic and commercial hard and heavy materials only excluding timber, metal, sand, soil, dirt, organic garden or general waste. Separating loads of bricks, concrete, tiles and rock helps reduce YOUR cost and helps out the environment in reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. Examples of what can be placed in this waste type is listed below:

You CAN place these things in the bin:

You CANNOT dispose of these items:

N.B: NO other materials of any sort except what is specified in the “CAN” list is allowed in a mixed rubble waste skip bin.

You will be charged for incorrect waste as in accordance to your order. When you tick the terms and conditions you agree that the bin will be picked up and taken to a certified tip to be sorted, should your bin be contaminated you will be notified by your supplier. Your supplier must upon your request produce a tip docket displaying the contamination.

Why rely on Skip Bins Online for your skip hire?

We’re dedicated to providing a high quality reliable and affordable skip hire service and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all skip hires.  We’re also committed to the responsible disposal of waste and only deliver to authorised waste facilities where recyclables and reusable’s are separated to reduce the amount put into landfill.  For an instant quote, fill out our online form letting us know what type and size of skip you need to dispose of your mixed rubble and then order and pay online – easy!