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      Household Waste

      If you've done a general home or office clean up and have household waste to dispose of, Skip Bins Online has a range of bins available for flat rate hire.

      A Household Waste bin is suitable for domestic or office clean outs, moving house or office. Similar to a General Waste bin without the weight limit. Strictly NO hard, heavy materials i.e. brick, soil, concrete. No demolition or renovation waste is permitted in this bin. Skip Bins Online is committed to responsible waste disposal some examples listed below can be placed in this kind of household waste in your skip.

      The following items are some examples of what CAN go in this skip bin:

      • Household waste like clothes, toys, paper, kitchenware etc.
      • Furniture and appliances like cupboards, lounges, fridges, washing machines etc.
      • Office waste like shredded paper, cardboard, furniture, stationary etc…
      • Light green waste like shrubs, grass clippings, twigs, leaves etc…
      • Minimal (less than 1/4 of the bins capacity) with books, papers and/or pamphlets etc…

      The following items are not household waste and CAN’T be placed in your skip:

      • Strictly NO brick, soil, sand, concrete, tiles, stone, rocks, pebbles etc…
      • Palm trees trunks, tree trunks, roots & turf.
      • Building materials e.g. Wood, gyprock, fibro, carpet etc…
      • Excess books, papers and/or pamphlets etc…
      • All STATES – NO synthetic grass.
      • In NSW NO Carpet, Underlay or Vinyl contact us 1300 895 246 to arrange carpet removal.
      • In SA NO Computer Monitors OR TV’s.
      • In QLD NO Truck or Car tyres.
      • Hazardous e.g. asbestos, insulation, fibro, non-perishable or perishable food, perishable materials (likely to decay, spoil or putrefy), liquids, empty chemical containers.

      Why hire from Skip Bins Online?

      We're 100% Australian owned with a range of suppliers across Australia.  With skips of various types and sizes available for long and short term hire, we’re sure to have the right skip to dispose of your household waste.  For an instant quote, fill out our online form or call us today.