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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Skip Bins Online provides skip bins for domestic and commercial waste using both Marrel type skip bins lifted off the back of the skip truck, larger hook lift skip bins which roll of the back of the skip trucks, mobile skip bins and skip bags. We are now serving most locations within Melbourne VIC, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Central Coast & Wollongong. Hooklift, Trailers and Bags available.

      Skip Bins Online provide skip bins from 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12 15, 20, 25 and 30 cubic metres.

      A. A cubic metre is measured by the depth x width x length. Our general rule of thumb is a level box trailer is approximately 3/4 of a cubic metre. Visualise your pile of waste and take 3 measurements, length multiplied by the width multiplied by the depth. That should give you an approximate size. You can also go to our Bin Type page to get estimated dimensions.

      Please refer to the Bin Type page or  Call: 1300 895 246 for an estimation of the skip bins dimensions.

      3 & 4 cubic metre mini skip.

      Please refer to the page Waste Types.

      A General Waste skip bin has a weight limit of 150kg per cubic metre i.e.

      2c metre mini skip = 300kg 9c metre skips bin = 1350kg
      3c metre mini skip = 450kg 10c metre skips bin = 1500kg
      4c metre mini skip = 600kg 12c metre skips bin = 1650kg
      5c metre skip bins = 750kg 15c metre skips bin = 2250kg
      6c metre skip bins = 900kg 20c metre waste skips = 3000kg
      7c metre skip bins = 1050kg 25c metre waste skips = 3750kg
      8c metre skip bins = 1200kg 30 metre waste skips = 4500kg

      General, Green, There is a charge per kilo after your weight limit according to your bin size; those charges are seen on the quote just above bin price. You will be charged for the excess weight as per your order. When you tick the terms and conditions you agree that the bin will be picked up and taken to a certified tip to be weighed, should your bin be over the weight limit you will be notified by your supplier. Your supplier must be able to provide you with the weight of your skip bin with a certified copy of the tip docket should you require it.

      Household, Clean, Mixed Rubble & Mixed Heavy skip bins have NO weight limit, although suppliers are strict for the correct waste types to be placed in the skip bins, please refer to the Waste Type page. Should incorrect waste be place in a specific skip bin ordered, you will incur additional charges at the supplier’s discretion.

      However if you follow Skip Bins Online waste guidelines set out on our home page it is unlikely that you would incur the extra charges. 

      There is no exact way of telling if you have Asbestos, generally houses pre 1985 are likely to contain some form of fibro asbestos sheeting found either in bathrooms or the eaves of houses. Also asbestos can be commonly found mixed in with older style concrete driveways, old Telstra pits, old roof tiles, corrugated roofing and electrical metre boards. For a more comprehensive list of Asbestos containing product see Examples of Asbestos containing Materials.

      If you’re still unsure go to or contact us

      We can help you by supplying a skip bin, although you will need to purchase 200 micron polythene heavy-duty plastic (black or orange builders plastic) which can be purchased at any hardware store. The bin needs to be lined with enough over hang for it to seal the Asbestos within the confines of the plastic and then seal with builders tape or strong duct tape for transport. Once filled the skip is then collected and disposed of at an approved landfill. No other materials are to be placed in the bin with Asbestos. For more information please visit Should you require an Asbestos bin all orders will be taken through our office please contact us.

      Insulation is to be treated as Asbestos and cannot be mixed with any other waste type. please contact us.

      All skip bins must NOT be filled higher than the rim (Suppliers can be prosecuted for unsafe or overloaded transport). The supplier could refuse to take your skip bin until the overload waste is removed. You can order another skip bin should you require it.

      Unfortunately you are responsible for the skip bin from delivery to collection, we suggest you place the bin within your property and consider placing a tarp over it when not in use, we also recommend that you book the skip bin for the days you intend on using it.

      Our website takes all next day delivers up until 8pm daily (depending on availability) & anytime for the following days deliveries.

      Unfortunately NO, due to scheduling of the individual skip bin companies & unforeseen traffic conditions it is impossible for Skip Bins Online to give a time. However, upon your order you will find a comments box where you are able to request a time for delivery or collection,(In general: morning times are 7am til 12pm & afternoon is 12pm til 5pm) the supplier will endeavor to meet your required times. 

      Generally the suppliers will allow the bin to be kept between 3 to 7 days; most suppliers have a daily rate should you require the bin for longer. Keep that in mind when placing the order, your quote may differ the longer you require the bin. Should you need the bin longer then first specified please phone us on 1300 895 246 ahead of collection to reorganise if possible.

      Yes you can by contacting your Skip Bins Online and our staff - subject to availability, will try to have your collection reallocated.

      Not all skip bins have access doors, although most Marrel skip bins, 4 cubic metres and above have a door for wheelbarrow (only) access, although SBO would recommend that when you filling in your order form that you use the comments area to request a bin with a door. The smaller skip bins as a rule generally don’t, as the mini skips sides are waist high which makes it easy to place your rubbish in. Most of the larger hook lift skip bins have door access for dingo’s, bobcats and mini excavators to drive into.

      Skip Bins are usually placed on your driveway; generally where the truck can fit you can place the skip bin. You can request that the skip bin be placed in a specific area by filling out your requirements in the comments box on the payment page. However we do recommend that you place your skip bin within your property to avoid other people placing rubbish in it. All bins placed on Public Property i.e. Roads and most nature strips will require a council permit, you can call us on 1300 895 246 and our friendly staff will assist you.

      In most cases you can have the bin delivered onto the nature strip, however, the skip bin cannot block pedestrian access, or utility pits. Some council’s will require a permit which you will need to arrange prior to the skip bin being delivered. On the day of delivery/collection, access is required from 7.00am. It might be an idea to chat with your neighbours prior to the skip bin being delivered/collected and ask them to leave room for the truck if required? If access is not possible the supplier may need to charge you a call out fee to cover costs for the driver to return at another time.

      We suggest you call your local council and inquire with them.

      Should you wish to place the bin on the road it will be necessary for you, the property owner to make an application for a permit with the local council where the skip bin is to be delivered to.

      Marrel skip bins work with a hoist system that lifts the bin up and lowers it off the back of the skip truck, therefore Marrel skip bins cannot be placed under trees, carports, and garages. You need to allow clearance of approximately 4 metres in height and 3 metres in width. Although, hook lift bins roll of the back therefore it is capable of being delivered into a carport/garage, depending on the height and width of the access point, unfortunately we cannot offer this as a guaranteed service, ultimately the decision will be made by the driver taking the risk of property/truck damage into consideration.

      There should be a 3 metre clearance with no sharp bends and no low over hanging wires or trees. Keep in mind the skip bin trucks are longer in length and need more turning room. However, you can request to have the skip bin left in your driveway. Although we leave the ultimate say to the driver as they are experts at manoeuvring their trucks.

      Generally no, however there is always a risk. Should you have concerns we do recommend that you provide 2 or 3 lengths of timber no less than 2 metres in length to be placed under the skip bin if your driveway is painted, stamped or tiled. As for your grassed area, keep in mind that the skip bin delivery trucks are 4 tonne and over in weight, should your ground be soft or drenched there is a large possibility that the skip bin trucks will leave tyre impressions & placing the skip bin on the lawn will also cause impression marks. We would like to ensure you that all our supplier’s & their drivers make every effort to take all possible care with the placement of the skip bin.

      Skip Bins Online offer a Phone Order payment method, simply fill in the order form and submit your order as a Phone Order and your instructions will follow. We also offer an EFT (Bank Transfer) option, fill in your order form and submit your order as an EFT and follow the simple instructions. For all other payment enquiries please contact us.

      Yes businesses can order though our website, although at this point we do not offer charge accounts. We are looking to introduce charge accounts in the near future.

      We recommend that you always come back to Skip Bins Online as our website is continually updated to find the most competitive price for skip bin hire.

      You may cancel or vary the order no less than three (3) business days prior to the delivery date. Should the order be cancelled two (2) days prior to the delivery date a cancellation fee of 10% of the charged amount will be charged, and if the order is cancelled on the delivery date the cancellation fee will be 20% of the charged amount. Therefore upon your refund you will receive the total less the cancellation fee.